Hey there, Faith church!

We're excited about our growing congregation, and we know it's only through everyone's participation that we can truly flourish. Our church is filled with talents and gifts, and we'd love to see each one of you shine in the areas you are called to serve.

Our intent is to have a rotation schedule. This way, everyone would have the chance to share their unique skills and talents, possibly once a month, or even more frequently if you're enthusiastic to do so.

Remember, service is at the heart of our faith. We're inspired by 1 Corinthians 13:1–3, which beautifully reminds us that service without love can feel empty. But when we serve out of love, we glorify God, and our hearts are filled with joy.

So let's join hands and hearts as we serve together, creating a more vibrant and loving community!

Areas To Serve

Camera Operator: This position is for Sunday mornings during the service. No experience is needed, training will be provided. This requires focus and attention to detail. You can either sit or stand to operate the camera whichever is most comfortable to you. You will only be scheduled once a month unless you ask for more.

Camera Switcher/Producer: This position is for Sunday morning services. No experience is needed for this attention but does require someone that is focused and calm under pressure. The person serving in this position monitors all three cameras and switches the best view to the live stream alternating views frequently through out the service. Training will be provided.

Projection Operator: This position serves either Saturday evening or Sunday morning services. Some computer skills are suggested but not required as training will be provided. This position is responsible for displaying images, text, lyrics, and or video on the screen during services.

Teens/Youth Group: One Male, One Female helper. The more we grow, the more "jobs" that will open up for everyone to do. In the meantime, we really need help with supervision and help in that area because we're becoming outnumbered very quickly.
All that's needed is a heart that's ready to serve the Lord.
This would be every Wednesday night; however, if there are several who would volunteer, we could absolutely make a rotation list.
Growing through service

If you are interested in serving in any of the spots listed or unsure where to serve. Contact Pastor Greg and he will get you plugged in.